Drawing Challenges


Drawing Challenges

Growth as an artist happens most rapidly, I believe, when there are drawing challenges. If you have taken any studio art classes, you are probably familiar with drawing challenges given by the instructor.

An important transition is being able to design your own drawing challenges. For me, my best drawing challenges come from analyzing my failed drawings. (Incidentally, it seems logical if a failed drawing prompts a good drawing challenge, then it is no longer a failed drawing.) Every drawing can be an opportunity to learn.

This drawing is the result of a failed 20-minute drawing. The first was of a single pear with an out-of-the-ordinary shape and stem. Just having one pear wasn’t working. Including the entire pear wasn’t working either. The main problems were due to poor composition.

So this drawing challenge was “How do I compose a drawing of several pears that are irregular so that their irregularities don’t look like poor observation and lack of drawing skill on my part?”

The cropping help to focus attention on the stems which are the only parts of the pears that are not cropped. The arrangement of the stems and shadows and cloth fold seems to work well for making the composition interesting. The degree of accurate modeling on the fruit helps to balance the mental image of the ideal pear where the stem is always straight and in the center, not curved and off-center.

Please check out my main Making Marks On Paper page for a visual table of contents.

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