A Dictionary Of Visual Marks

A previous post pointed out the similarities between a poet and an artist who draws. To expand on that idea, an artist who draws associates the physical sensations of making particular marks with ideas and feelings the way that a poet associates the auditory sounds of speaking particular words with ideas and feelings.

A poet can refer to collected word lists or word dictionaries for inspiration and direction. An artist who draws can work in a similar way with pages of marks, lines, shapes, tones, and textures.

The image for this post shows just one way of doing this. Having each of these side-by-side helps to emphasize differences. You may also notice that squares with the same value (degree of lightness to darkness) still appear different because of the marks used create the tone and texture. As a general rule, it is helpful to use the same drawing tool on each separate page (unless you are exploring the interaction of two different drawing tools when used together).

Please check out my main Making Marks On Paper page for a visual table of contents.

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