About Not Fitting In…

About Not Fitting In...The Contemporary Art World

I am not good at fitting into the contemporary art world. There are social behaviors that I totally miss that seem to come so naturally to everyone else. It’s painfully obvious that I’m struggling.

I can spend hours planning how to best say a few sentences, and then I will spend even more hours replaying and analyzing what I said and how it might have been perceived.

I don’t see approval or disapproval, acceptance or rejection. I don’t know if my words have been successful, no matter how well planned. I am “blind” to non-verbal communications, so perhaps that is why I prefer visual communications such as drawing.

Even if the social elements are put aside, I am also not good at fitting in by outward appearances. I don’t have an eccentric haircut or an eccentric beard. I don’t wear eccentric clothes. Without these things, I don’t look like a “real artist,” and so my work can’t be “real art.”

I almost always wear the same clothes, at least until they can’t be worn anymore because that’s comfortable for me. If my clothes don’t feel right on me, I can’t concentrate on anything else.

I’m also not good at shoe tying, so if I get a good knot, I try to keep it.

There are many things in life that I don’t think I will ever get right. I don’t want drawing to be one of those things…and taking care of my chickens. I want to get that right too.

I could talk forever about my chickens, and they don’t care whether or not my shoes are tied.

Please check out my main Making Marks On Paper page for a visual table of contents.

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