Drawings As Meditations


Drawings As Meditations

A drawing is a meditation both for the artist and the viewer. Yet I wonder how many people allow this to happen when they see a drawing. I am concerned that it is only a few.

That may sound rather negative which is not my intention. Instead I want to look realistically at where we are today in a world that is saturated with visual images.

It’s possible, I think, that many of us have developed a short visual attention span. I reluctantly include myself in this group. Modern technology has contributed to this deficiency in me.

Click. Mentally identify. Like. Pin. Repost. Ignore with a swipe. Repeat.

Is this how we view art today? Is liking, pinning, reposting, or ignoring with a swipe the same as meditatively viewing a drawing or other artwork?

To be honest, I find it increasingly difficult to meditatively explore my subject matter when drawing. The same is true when I view the drawings of others, even the drawings of the great masters that I admire so much.

How does an artist get noticed in a world flooded by visual images? Is it by continually providing new unexpected and innovative images? That sounds exhausting. There must be answers somewhere.

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