Takashi Shuji

Takashi Shuji

Takashi Shuji is a Japanese artist who creates fascinating pastel drawings.

He most often begins drawing at the top of his page and continues to the bottom where there may or may not be sufficient space to finish. He applies his pastels densely in a way that makes it appear that he has immersed himself in both his subject matter and his drawing medium.

His working method is somewhat like how a sculptor manipulates clay. He will add and remove his pastel marks until the image looks and feels right to him.

To me, his shapes are amazing. Symmetrical objects have an appealing asymmetry that somehow appears correct. The size of each shape seems to indicate the weight of the object.

His compositions are equally amazing. Everything fits together so perfectly that it is difficult to imagine the arrangement being altered or improved in any way.

This remarkable artist creates drawings that are worthy of both contemplation and appreciation. He was born with Down syndrome.

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