Drawing For A Purpose

Drawing For A Purpose

For me, drawing is capturing the essence of life one never-to-be-duplicated moment at a time.

It is here that drawing diverges into different branches based on purpose. There are illustrative drawings, technical drawings, fanciful drawings, mystical drawing. I may admire them, but they may not feel right for me.

My drawings most often explore and declare, “This is what it is like to be living as me in this place at this moment in time.”

Not all drawings have this purpose. It is the purpose that I have chosen because it is what best fits me.

Through my drawings I hope to enable the viewer to slip inside my mind and heart for a moment and experience life as I have.

On which branch do my drawings belong? What other artists share this branch with me? These are questions any artists might ask to better understand their purpose.

Please share your thoughts...

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