Drawing Is…

Drawing Is

As this journey continues, I am increasingly convinced Drawing has never been what I thought it to be. Drawing is so much more.

I once thought of drawing as a dreaded preliminary step. It was a chore to do before moving on the more desirable act of painting.

Drawing was a necessary labor required for the supreme joys of painting. Drawing was dull. Painting was exciting. Drawing was monochrome monotony, but painting was polychromatic play!

A painting required a drawing first, and if it wasn’t done particularly well, that was fine. Color could always correct a poor drawing. Everyone loves color.

“Color can always fix a poor drawing” has never been true for me. The only thing that can correct a poor drawing is a good drawing.

The most difficult thing for me in learning to draw was learning to see drawing as an end in itself, to draw for drawing.

This is what I want to share here…seeing drawing as an end in itself…drawing simply for drawing. My goal is to transform the art of making marks on paper.